Live the high life! Combine your voyage with excellent seafood platters, delicious canapes, and fridges full of drinks!

Brazilian Breeze Charters can arrange food packages if desired.



(v) = vegetarian

(gf) = gluten free


4 Hour River Cruise Menus

PARTY PACKAGE (no chef required – hostess only) $20-00pp

Please pick any 4

Variety of Mini Pies to include Moroccan Lamb, Beef Burgundy, Chicken Leek and Veggie Korma

Sausage Rolls

Beef Meatballs

Tempura Prawns

Spicy Tempura Prawns

Chicken Kievs

Mini Spinach Triangles

Mini Veggie Quiche

Please Pick 1

Mini Sausages & Caramelized Onions

Sushi Rolls (no Seafood)

SILVER PACKAGE (no chef required – hostess only) $30-00pp

Sweet vine ripened cherry tomato fresh mozzarella cheese

And lemon basil skewer

Zesty lemon scented cucumber filled with salmon dill mousse

Spinach and feta filo dough triangles with roasted red pepper sauce

Lamb and Haulomi skewers with harrissa yogurt

Peri Peri chicken skewers with mint yogurt


GOLD PACKAGE (Chef and Hostess required) $35-00pp

Boursin cheese and cherry crusted cashew Balls

Port poached pear with black fig cream candied pecans with

Pomegranate glaze

Herb seared duck with whipped apricot Brie

Salt & Pepper calamari with saffron aioli

Herb seared beef and mushroom skewers with horseradish cream

Smoked salmon sliders with a lemon dill cream fraiche


PLATINUM PACKAGE (Chef and Hostess required) $45-00pp

Vine ripened tomato and basil bruschetta on sourdough crostini

Veggie Spring Rolls

Seared prawn and wakami salad with salmon caviar

Tempura salmon and nori skewers with wasabi mayo

Roasted herb lamb chops with mint yogurt


CELEBRATION PACKAGE(Chef and Hostess required) $50-00pp

Summer ripe mint watermelon feta skewers

Grilled apple and Brie cheese bruschetta on sourdough crostini

Fried goat cheese croquettes with red pepper coulis

Pan fried crab cakes with a spicy Cajun aioli

Shaved roast beef slider with a green tomatillo cilantro sauce


All packages come with potato chips and mini chocolates


AMERICAN PACKAGE (Chef and Hostess required) $48-00pp

Grilled apple and red cheddar bruschetta

Aged cheddar Polenta cake w/smoked tomato and corn relish

Tex-Mex egg rolls w/chunky guacamole

Buffalo chicken wings with blue cheese dressing

American cheese burger slider

Buttermilk fried chicken and apple slaw slider


VEGAN PACKAGE (no chef required – hostess only) $40.00pp

Polenta Cake and Cherry Tomato with Avocado Mousse

Sweet Potato Medallions with Cinnamon Baked Apple & Corn Relish

Asian Rice Paper Rolls with Pickled Ginger, Wombok Sloaw & Red Pepper Sauce

Roasted Pumpkin & Spinach Arcane with Red Onion Marmalade

Roasted Tomato & Egplant Filo Triangles

Vegan Sausage & Caramelized Onion Rolls


ADD ON PLATTERS (designed for 20-30 guests)

Fresh Baked assorted bread and assorted dips $40-00

Caramelized onion and Parmesan cheese Pizza $55-00

Assorted Cheese Platter $75-00

Assorted Fruit Platter $75-00

Assorted Sushi Platter (with seafood) $110-00

Assorted mini boutique deserts $110-00

8 Hour Moreton Bay Cruise Menu

ISLAND GETAWAY  (No Chef – Hostess Required) $62-00pp

Morning Tea

Selection of fresh baked breakfast pastries

Selection of Fruit Skewers


Hot or Cold Dishes – Choose of two of the following-

Roasted rosemary pepper chicken platter with a fresh tomato relish. (cold)

Bush spiced Roasted Beef platter with a horseradish cream sauce. (cold)

Fresh Spinach and Ricotta cheese stuffed cannelloni cooked in a rich herb Napolitana tipped with a mozzarella and Parmesan cheese blend. (hot)

5 Layer Vegetable Lasagna baked in a creamy sauce wrapped in a blanket of roasted red capsicum. (hot)

Lemon peppered Chicken Breast with a thyme jus, accompanied by roasted sweet potatoes and seasonal vegetables. (hot)

Red Wine Braised Beef with a Rosemary Gravy, accompanied by roasted bliss potatoes and baby beetroot. (hot)

Fresh Salads – Choose three of  the following-

Fresh garden vegetable salad, with cherry tomato, mini cucumber, shredded carrot, red capsicum, Spanish red onion tossed with a fancy lettuce.

Vegetarian pasta salad with sun dried tomato, kalamata olives, marinated artichokes tossed with cheese tortellini finished with a basil pesto.

Traditional Greek Salad, with sweet cherry tomato, Lebanese cucumber, kalamata olives, red capsicum and crumbled feta tossed with fancy lettuce and finished with a light balsamic vinaigrette.

Al fresca mini roma tomato and bocconcini salad highlighted with an oak age balsamic glaze tossed with fresh baby spinach and lemon basil.

Israeli cous cous salad garnished by roasted baby beet, feta cheese, toasted almonds tossed with fresh baby spinach with a minted vinaigrette finish.

Afternoon Tea

Selection of petite cakes, mini tarts and French Macaroons

A plated selection of fine Cheese and fresh seasonal fruit accompanied with seasoned crackers



Coffin Bay Oysters $20-00 a dozen served with Lemon Wedges

Fresh whole Prawns $40-00 a kilogram served with lemon wedges and cocktail sauce

Morten Bay Bugs $60-00 a kilogram served with lemon wedges and cocktail sauce


Catering and Waitstaff

  • Wait staff/Hostess are $195 each/4 hours or $325 each/8 hours.
  • Chef is $300 (Monday to Saturday) or $360 (Sunday) 4 hours/ or $500 (Monday to Saturday) or $600 (Sunday)/ 8 hours
  • Please note a hostess is required for all catering packages, a chef to prepare the catering on the boat is optional unless otherwise
  • Drinks are BYO and a $12.00 corkage applies. This covers glasshire, corkage, drinks delivery, ice and waste removal.

Please contact 07 3102 4500 for further information.

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